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My name is Kaal Dewar and I am an Illustrative Designer and Painter living and working in Camden, North West London.I have gained much experience and knowledge in the Advertising and Graphics industry working for many years as a freelance designer for a large Design House, as well as numerous independent clients, designing everything from Newspaper Ads to Product Packaging, Corporate Identities to Websites, and Theatre Posters to Event Fliers. As well as producing Computer Designs, and Digital Art, I have had, and am having a successful career as an established Artist creating Abstract and Landscape paintings in many different mediums and forms, including Acrylic, Water-colour and Inks, for Private Clients, Shows and the Film and Theatrical Industry. I love to experiment with my work and am always trying new techniques and forms, as such my pieces cover a large spectrum and can, hopefully appeal to everyone.I am always looking for new directions and challenges and have always wanted to move into the film industry working on Sets and backdrops.I have just recently had a very successful showing in Fulham, some of the pieces can be viewed via the links on the right. If you are interested in any of my pieces, would like to commission some work, or have Gallery Space and would be interested in exhibiting some of my pieces please to contact me at The Studio. art supplies, paint, canvas, brushes, acrylic, oil, paper. Font, iconian, adobe, graffiti, majesco, emigre, cool, letreset, gothic, medieval, killer, linotype, mtv,truetype, postscript, explosion. Please Buy my Font Collection DVD all proceeds are helping me towards my next exhibition. On sale today is my personal collection of fonts. They have been gathered from literally hundreds of sources over the last 10 years or so. This collection is vast! Most are available if you want to spend hours and hours searching and downloading then but lots are not available anymore and some were NEVER available, used on clients pieces, commercial collections, etc. The fonts cover Everything you can think of, they also include Adobe,Letraset, lynotype. There are handwriten, gothic, medieval, grunge, grafiti, truetype, opentype and postscript. All of which work on Mac or PC. There are over 63500 fonts on the DVD! I have also included some software to help you find the fonts you want, both Mac and PC have been included, There are also a couple of commercial programs with numbers for your convienience. For Mac - FontExplorerX11, FontAgentPro, FontViewer, FontDoc and Apple Font Tool Suite 3.1.0 For PC - fontthing, FontExplorer, FontHit-FontTools and myfonts52. All the above for only £24.99 Please use PAYPAL button below. Price includes postage & packing, worldwide. Casino, casino-on-net, bonus, pacific poker, poker, slots, craps, blackjack. Amazon, google, adsense, 888, harry potter, death hallows. artwanted